Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lament of the laptop

As I write in my little blog box, I feel the prose flowing through my fingertips onto the keyboard. I feel a rush of creative energy, like nothing I have experienced before. It is so forceful that I keep typing and forget to hit the save button (of course), thinking that even a momentary pause will cause a massive dam to build up and block these free flowing thoughts forever.

I imagine no one on Earth has ever had these revelations; this new thinking is so brilliant, so unique, I must share it with the world immediately. And, so, I type on, in this manner, for an indeterminate amount of time, amazed that someone such as myself, was capable of this quality of thought and verbiage.

And then the unimaginable (well, I might have imagined it, if I'd stopped my discourse for the fraction of a second needed to store my ruminations for eternity) happens. You, my laptop, have heated to the point where you felt you must turn yourself off....without checking with me first! So, lost are my thoughts into the abyss of the Blue Nowhere (thank you, Jeffery Deaver) or in the gray cells that exploded during my mind blowing cognition.

My laptop, oh, laptop. You, that I'd loved so much when you were new, now you have a raging fever in your underbelly such that I cannot lay you on a table top for fear that you bubble any man made surfaces! What has happened to you?

A lesson has been learned here today. Now I must cradle you gently, as I lay contorted with my knees raised, my body forming a V shape to protect the area where your fan circulates from reaching its fiery maximum (the "save" lesson has still not been learned and probably never will). I will protect you, my laptop, until the last payment is made, with loving deference.

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