Thursday, August 06, 2009

I've learned a thing or two

Life lessons are always coming at me and I thought it only fair to share any recently acquired knowledge here:

1-Though I pile my books so high beside my bed, with the intent of reading them soon, only to trip over them several times per day, their proximity to my bed while I sleep does not allow for the process of osmosis to work, much to my chagrin. So I buy a bookcase to store the books and reorder them on a "to read" priority. (The bookcase has been placed on the other side of the bed where I walk less often therefore I'm less likely to bang my knee, stub my toe, what have you and so far so good... but it's only been 3 days... and yes I am slightly anal-retentive, organizing my books by height within the shelves and by genre though not yet by alphabetical order by author, which will have to wait for another, more free, time.)

2-Regardless of how long you leave a bunch of grapes in the fridge they will not automatically ferment and become a wonderful bottle of white or red wine. Apparently there are other ingredients involved in the process of wine making, or perhaps some foot stomping (do people still do that?) that I am ignorant of, and will continue to remain so, while I am able, and most definitely willing, to purchase the prepackaged products from my local liquor store. The grapes do, however, become a gelatinous, gooey mess covered in mold if left for too long unattended.

3-Middle age spread is inevitable, especially when you are sitting on your backside at work, in front of a computer, all day then go home and sit with a book/in front of the TV/on the computer yet again, and the in between times are spent sitting in you car driving from home to work then back again. I haven't yet figured out if it's reversible but I'm working on it.

These are the sad facts I have become increasingly familiar with. It just goes to show how much more in life there is to learn.

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