Monday, November 22, 2010

An experiment gone awry

It has been over a year since I've posted to this blog. Why, you ask? Well...I was curious about the blogging world and started with my "Much A'Blog About Nothing" as an experiment. Was it successful, you might ask next? Yes and no.

My intention was just to throw some thoughts out there and see what happened. Then somehow, someway, my "thoughts" turned into book reviews and a whole different beast was born: "My Ever Expanding Library."

In the meantime, Much a'blog became a poor, sad, neglected creature; then a stolen one, lol. Google Alerts tells me (frequently) of activity on Much a'Blog, but turns out it is someone else's blog, most likely with the correct URL et al (I can't confirm this, having never actually visited the other Much a'blog site). Regardless of the possible theft of my not overly original blog name, I wish that other blogger well and have switched this blog over to match it's own URL "seòl-mara".

It has become increasingly diffcult to find something original in the big, bag, blogging world and this word seemed to fit me and my life well.[With the disclaimer that I am of Scottish descent but do not speak a word of Gaelic (though I have witnessed, in slack-jawed wonder a version of Win, Lose, or Draw in Gaelic, which the contestants found highly amusing, but sadly, I completely missed the humour.)]

What the blogoverse, blogging world/universe...however you wish to name it... has taught me is the potential for more out of life. I have (virtually) met some great people from around the world and don't know if I could step away from blogging now; life would seem less, I think. It has also encouraged me to write, to think about my writing, and to refine my skills in the form of going back to university to complete my degree. Where will this all lead me? Who knows but I'm enjoying the heck out of things and hope for an unlimited continuation of this particular experience.

So, which way will the tide take me now? I am a forty year old, single mom that works full time and is technically a full time student, so I figure I'm going to have a few things to say about any and all of these life factors in the future. This is only the beginning....(again).

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