Thursday, August 06, 2009


From the pages of my fellow noob to the blogging world ( ), I have found the BBAW's. So here are my responses to the required questions to be added to the list:

1-What has been one of the highlights of blogging for you?

I'm not much for putting my thoughts on paper or any other method, not that I haven't wanted to but just couldn't ever really find the right words to do it. After some blogging research, I just decided to throw away my inhibitions and do it!

2-What blogger has helped you out with your blog by answering questions, linking to you or inspiring you

That would have to be my book soul mate, bff, proof reader, linker and one and only follower (at the moment, though hopefully more will join in soon) also known as

3-What one question do you have about BBAW that someone who participated last year could answer?

Seriously, which is the BEST blog I should be reading about reading?

So there you have it, the best answers I can think of at the moment. Check out the link above to see what it's all about.


Mel said...

aww... my 1st ever blogging world shout out!!

Who would have guessed there's lots more crazies like us out and about.

and proof reader my butt... there's nothing to fix Miss "I was born to be an editor"

Sheila (bookjourney) said...

Hey there - checking out some blogs tonight found you and hey you follow me so that is super cool! :)

Ill have to look through your reviews and see what you have been reading. :)